Most Irish people refer to Ireland as home no matter if they left 1 year, 10 years, or 50 years ago they will always say “I’m going home” for Christmas, the holidays or to see the family. I left 10 years ago and I too refer to Ireland as “Home” but in reality, my home is now Portugal. I own my home here and I intend to stay here and travel back and forth to Ireland during the years. I have just retired from my job in Portugal and this will give me the flexibility to travel not only between Ireland and Portugal but to as many other places around the world as much as my pension will allow.

My passions are photography, cooking and history. I will, therefore, explore both in this blog and from it and the help of any followers I can attract I intend to create a photo book.

Photography was always a hobby ever since I bought an Instamatic Camera for a holiday, hitchhiking around Europe, in 1971. Dozens of cameras later I discovered the DSLR in 2006 since then photography has become my number 1 hobby.

I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society and would encourage anyone to join for peer advice, an appreciation of your skills and how to improve. I have entered a few competitions and in 2014 I finally achieved success, I won a Special Award, Parques de Sintra section, in the International Photographer of the Year competition run by Kew Gardens in   London (www.igpoty.com).

Another passion is cooking, I enjoy discovering old and new recipes and I am compiling a book of recipes concentrating on traditional Portuguese and Northern Irish recipes that I have included here on my WordPress site.

I began blogging in September 2017 and since then I have been trying to decide a direction for my blog on WordPress. I am a retired person and have time now to indulge in my hobbies/interests and share these experiences with anyone interested. My main passions are Photography, Cooking and History/Archeology. I hope to gain followers, anyone welcome and expand the direction of my blogging in these main themes. Blogging is quickly becoming another passion that fascinates me and I hope to develop my skills in writing them which at the moment is very amateurish. I hope to attract followers by becoming as interesting as possible through providing tips on Photography, Cooking Recipes and History/Archeology. I spend my time in Ireland and Portugal and I will focus my blog on the above interesting subjects in these two countries initially.

Any help or comments will be gratefully accepted. Please be constructive. No spam, please.

My Equipment

Canon EOS 6D
Canon EOS 60 D
Canon EOS 350 D
Lee Filter System, Manfrotto Tripod and Heads.
A large variety of zoom and prime Canon, Sigma and Tamron Lenses.

The Images
All images on this site are copyright property of Christopher A Cosgrove

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